PES 2021 File Crypter by Devil Cold52

PES 2021 File Crypter (PC) by Devil Cold52

Modify the "decrypter.exe" and "encrypter.exe" files in Lib \\, to use the program in PES 2020.

How to Use?
1. Start the PES File Crypter 2021 tool.
2. Drag and drop the "EDIT00000000" and "ML00000000" files onto the Decrypter.
3. A folder called "Temp" will be created in the directory where the program is located and the files will be extracted into Temp.
4. After editing, drag and drop the Temp folder onto the Encrypter.

5. It will encrypt your file in whichever directory you decrypted it (example for the file name to avoid confusion: EDIT00000000_encrypted_year_month_day_hours_minutes_seconds)

1. Definitely closing the program after decrypting a file will automatically delete the "Temp" folder when the program is opened again.
2. All Trials have been made over PES2020
3. if an error occurs to Send me pes2021 EDIT00000000 file for fix

Author By Devil Cold52

Thank You Zlac For decrypter21.exe encrypter21.exe [PC] pesXdecrypter - 2021 version

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