Hoppus117 Boots Pack eFootball PES 2020 V 5 AIO

PES 2020 Boots Pack by Hoppus117, this pack is an AIO version and includes

  • 100 boots and 30 Gloves + Hidden Content (boots and Gloves)
  • New Nike Furure Lab pack
  • New Adidas Mutator pack From Tisera09 Bootspack (RMX by Hoppus117)
  • New Puma Spark pack
  • New Gloves January 2020
  • RMX Adidas Encryption Pack from Texture Konami/Tisera09/Hoppu117
  • ADD More Boots Special Edition and old silo

boots&glove_assignment (currently updated to 90% "Serie A TIM", 50% Premier League, 40% Liga Santander 15%BundesLiga. Other are by default with boots ID by konami, in the next few days will be updated next league and teams).

How to install:
  1. Extract the folder "Hoppus117 Boots Pack eFootball PES 2020 V 4 AIO"
  2. Delete all previous versions of "boot-root"
  3. Open this folder, inside copy and paste the "boot-root" folder in your \\eFootball PES 2020\sider-6.3.1 or +\livecpk folder
  4. Open your sider.ini with notepad (root: \\eFootball PES 2020\sider-6.3.1 or +) and copy the command line
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\boot-root"
placing it on top (1st place in the list of live cpk) if you have other mods installed. IMPORTANT: Check that you have enabled live cpk in sider.ini
5. File/save and you have installed correctly!!!

*All credits are reserved, it is forbidden to reload the mod on other hosters or create a cpk version , only mega and sider version!*

I hope you enjoy all my work, waiting for more edits, have fun !!! Bye Kids.


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  1. Oi pode me ajudar não sei usar sider??

    1. Watch this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeGNpTvTINU

  2. Not compatible with evo webpatch 4.00

    1. try this version https://mega.nz/#!gW4R2YIJ!zH9CvOW96wrpiX4vrIBd0_qkU3A4dc4tbTNJpIUmepc


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To prevent spam, each comment will be reviewed by a human before being published.

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