PES 2021 Ultimate Realism FUMA Gameplay Mod

Ultimate Realism FUMA Gameplay Mod made for eFootball PES 2021 by FletchAJX

Key Gameplay Changes (Video Examples Below)
Slower Match Pace
Passing feels well balanced with the ability to play short intricate passes on the full manual that don't go past the close-by intended teammate and lock to further players.
Increased Physicality; the AI is aggressive and will no longer allow balls to pass them by, they will actively press and fouls/penalties are more frequent than vanilla.
Player Positioning is more compact allowing midfield battles to occur and less space on the field - I believe this was from one of Twiggy's mods, possibly V11.
Shooting is heavier and much more random, reminds me of old-school PES 3 shooting, if you hit it well you can score some amazing goals. If off balance though the ball can also be sent into high into the stand. The AI will also take longer shots and have scored some amazing goals against me (see the video below of AI scoring a dipping long shot goal I would have NEVER seen on vanilla gameplay.)
Players feel more flexible and animations are smoother, this would be a result of the dt13, I believe this was from elijio876.
Overall general randomness is much better, see the first goal in the video below;

Incredible Save With Rebound Finish (06:50)

Amazing example of the shooting, from the AI! (17:30)

IMPORTANT: Before making any changes make sure you make a backup copy of the files your about to replace
1. Extract and copy the Data folder to your PES 2021 game folder and overwrite when asked
2. Copy the PES2021 exe file located in Exe (ML Starting Year 2023) folder to your PES 2021 game folder and again overwrite when asked

Download "Gameplay"
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