eFootball 2024 BLS SUPERB PATCH

eFootball 2024 BLS SUPERB PATCH

eFootball 2024 BLS SUPERB PATCH Designed to play offline & online. 

This patch is similar to EVOMOD & ePatch. In addition, was added Endo's new font in EvoMod to the HGU by Bogo36 as they share the same file pc0000_console_win.pak.

Files of this patch are not compatible with "files of the same type" of other patches. For example, the pc3607 files containing the jersey are not compatible with other MOD files containing the jersey (pc7000 or pc3607). 

For example, the pc7000 files of the scoreboard patch also need to overwrite other scoreboard files, wipe files pc0101 is not compatible with other wipe mod pc0101, but it can be compatible with patch files without content conflicts, such as pc3000.

More Details (How to Install and patch features) are in the compressed package. There is a concise overview in the picture above.

eFootball 2024 BLS SUPERB PATCH made by gcyzidane
Special thanks to Cadi Lillian, endo, MODY_99, Bogo36, etc.

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