PES 2021 EURO 2024 Kits Pack

PES 2021 EURO 2024 Kits Pack

EURO 2024 Kits made for eFootball PES 2021 by Fallons

UPDATE 06.04.2024: Kitspack updated with the kits of 23 national teams from Europe. The kits contain the home equipment, away, and alternative kits. Also, all the goalkeepers have three different kits. All the kits have been remodeled and new official fonts have been added.

INCLUDES 17 qualified EURO 24 national teams + 6 other national teams that not participate to the EURO 24

Included National Teams: 
Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, Austria, England, Hungary, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Wales

Installation: Extract the kits from the links below and replace the ones from your kitserver.

Credit: KitManCal, NonoKitmaker, MeryojuKitmaker, Hawke,pmalulu23,AerialEdson, Fallons,etc

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  1. These kits are not made and it is not the work of Hasan Huseyn Inalciuk for weeks, the kits are made by me (Fallons) and they are stolen from my thread "National teams kits,boots and gloves" from EVO-WEB, this fact makes me stop further editing of kits, boots and gloves! Shame!

    1. I apologize for that, I found this pack on the Facebook page of eFootball Base and it was the post made by Hasan Huseyn, this made me think that he made it. If it bothers you, I can delete this post.

    2. i haven't installed yet, is this safe? Hope u don't delete, just replace the correct creator name


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