SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V2.9

SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V2.9

Realistic Gameplay V2.9 made for SP Football Life 24 by Football4Life. A faster gameplay tempo, more like in real life, with a lot of battle for the ball, no fouls as soon as someone looks across another player, and fair refereeing.

Players are responsive to commands, which opens up a lot of opportunities for dribbling and making nice and realistic, non-scripted actions.

Version 2.9 Improvements:
The most important change - A lot has been done regarding the movement of offensive players and I think I managed to bring it to a whole new level.

Wet ground, rain, and other elements now slightly affect ball speed (this was also in version 2.8, but I forgot to mention it-sorry)

Other small adjustments related to passes.

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SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V2.9 made by Football4Life

Special thanks to:
Twiggy, FicaBre, elijio876, Lewpop


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