SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V2.6

SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V2.6

Football4Life - FL24 Realistic Gameplay V2.6

While you wait for the next major update, Football4Life wanted to provide you with a smaller one so you could appreciate it more. Football4Life is confident you will enjoy it, particularly FUMA players. It feels and plays just like the 2.5 version. Except for what has been described below, there is no change in speed or anything else.

V2.6 Improvements:
1. Improved long shots.
2. Assistance for FUMA passes is completely disabled.
3. Goalkeepers are slightly more offensive than in version 2.5. (defensive goalkeepers will still be stuck on the goal line, unfortunately this cannot be changed)

NOTES: If you feel that the game is too fast when you first install the mod - it's possible that Sider didn't load it properly. Exit the game, and start it again.

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SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay made by Football4Life
Special thanks to Twiggy, FicaBre, elijio876, Lewpop


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