2023/24 GOALNETS-SERVER FOR FL24, PES 2021 AND FL 23 (AIO + UPDATE 19.1)

FicaBre just dropped the bomb with the most complete and kick-ass Goalets-server that's rocking compatibility with SP Football Life 2023 - 2024 and eFootball Prop Evolution Soccer 2021. It features nets for 28 leagues and over 600 clubs.

While it draws heavy inspiration from Gerlamp Goalnets-Server, the Lua has been completely rewritten (FicaBre tried to make it a little bit more user-friendly for you guys to edit it by yourself), and it boasts entirely new graphics. 

  1. England (Premier League and EFL Championship)
  2. France (Ligue 1 and Ligue 2)
  3. Italy (Seria A and Seria B)
  4. Spain (La Liga and La Liga 2)
  5. Germany (Bundesliga)
  6. Netherlands (Eredivisie)
  7. Russia (RPL)
  8. Scottland (Premiership)
  9. Turkey (Super Lig)
  10. Denmark (3F Superliga)
  11. Portugal (Primeira)
  12. Belgium (Jupiler Pro League)
  13. Greece (Super League)
  14. Serbia (Mozzart Bet Super Liga)
  15. Every Other European team
  16. Argentina (Primera Division)
  17. Brazil (Seria A and Seria B)
  18. USA (MLS)
  19. Mexico (Liga MX)
  20. Chile (Primera Division)
  21. Colombia (Primera Division)
  22. Saudi Arabia (Pro League)
  23. Japan (J League)
  24. China (Super League)
  25. Other Asian teams
  26. Green - 23/24 season
  27. Yellow - 22/23 season
  28. Orange - default nets

How to install:
1. Copy livecpk folder to your sider folder. (In FL23/24 its SiderAddons)
2. From folder MODULES copy Nets_23-24.lua for your version of game exe (, cpy -FL23/24, and paste it in modules folder (sider\modules)
3. Add these 2 lines:
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\NETS"
lua.module = "Nets_23-24.lua"
in sider.ini

If you used Gerlamps or this mod before, make sure to disable these lines:

;cpk.root = ".\livecpk\GRAND_MODS"
;lua.module = "Goalnets-Server.lua"

Because they will conflict with the new mod.


Download "ShareMods PART1"
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Download "ShareMods PART2"
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DOWNLOAD NEW UPDATE 19.1(more bouncy nets)

Download "UPDATE 19.1"
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Goalets-server by FicaBre, special thanks to Gerlamp (the creator of the original mod) captain8lunt, and anarki_frost for their goal models, and of course Brand96 for his assistance with graphics.

This Mod is an exclusive. All credits are reserved, it is forbidden to reload the mod on other hosters.
If you are a private user, feel free to use this mod but non-profit.

Sites like "pesnewupdate" "pespatch" or some youtubers who love to steal mods (Im looking at you Prayudi, Hamsa..) and all the others will have to follow the rules, if you reuploading, please use only MEGA/Sharemods/MediaFire links. LINKS WITH ADS ARE FORBIDEN!
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  1. Hey mate, love the nets. One thing, when I play Master League with Crystal Palace or Benfica, the nets are not the same as in Local Match and are weird colors. Do you know anything about this?

    1. It seems to be a configuration error, unfortunately FicaBre abandoned this project and I don't know how to help you

  2. Ahh gotcha thanks! Do you know another nets mod that doesn't have this issue and works for FL 24?

  3. Ok thanks, either way loving the mod :)


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