PES 2021 New Gameplay Mod - Simulation Game

PES 2021 New Gameplay Mod - Simulation Game

New Gameplay Mod - Simulation Game made for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 by Holland

This new project uses the vanilla exe in the directory with the sole implementation of a folder to be inserted in "livecpk" (SIDER) with the relevant string
to add in sider.ini

It's a gameplay where the game construction of the CPU radically changes.
Now you will no longer notice that senseless and high-paced aggression, the CPU prefers to spin the ball looking for different solutions to go to the net.

The challenge is higher, but because now both the positioning and the reading of the CPU by the players are more intelligent, you will find yourself having to think more to find the way to the goal because the spaces have become much smaller compared to other mods, but the satisfaction is incredible!!!

You will be able to construct actions that were precluded to you in the past, this is due to greater randomness, sometimes incorrect reading (AS IN REALITY), and controls not always perfect but always related to the quality of the individual player. The addresses implemented are completely new, it's a NEW GAMING EXPERIENCE!!!

In the MOD you will also find the KONAMI EXE (vanilla) and (vanilla with only the most difficult punishments), they are the ones I use to work and test my GP (recommended), but also 4 dt18_all where FOULS AND PENALTY ARE ALREADY IMPLEMENTED, these 4 dt18_all differ based on the strength of the goalkeeper:

0 = strong
1 = less strong
2 = normal
3 = weak

Test the MOD first without other external files to see the actual gameplay changes, then add your own custom ones but be careful not to alter the balance.

It is recommended to follow this step before starting to use the MOD:

  • Check for corrupt files from Steam
  • Open Steam
  • Bookshelf
  • Right-click on "eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE"
  • Properties
  • Verify the integrity of game files

INSTALLATION: Watch this tutorial HERE

Credits: Gameplay mod made by Holland

Download "Gameplay (Simulation Game)"
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