How to convert faces from eFootball 2024/2023/2022 to PES 2021

How to convert faces from eFootball 2024/2023/2022 to PES 2021 a step by step guide made by Tradtrad100. Many thanks to UQIYA FACEMAKER for pioneering this method, please contact him for the conversion tools that contain the default SRM colourings, dummy ID folder as well as the blender file with the weights for the mesh data transfers.

Common issues and solutions:
Eyelids clip eyes when blink > Move eye models back using G+Y on keyboard 19:03
Hair is bouncy > vertex paint "Anim" vertex colour black for hair mesh 22:20
The face is bouncy > vertex paint "Anim" vertex colour black for headshell mesh 19:40
The face is grey in edit mode/game > relink + convert dds to ftex when exporting FPK 20:46
The eye blinking animation is wrong > The quick fix is to import vertex groups from eye_line to eye_lash and then from eye_lash to eye_occ, see a working face model in a new blender, and delete excess vertex groups from glitches face. Alternatively, you selected the wrong group when doing a weight transfer at around 9:47
Animation is still bad/wrong > Restart the face conversion process (you probably forgot to delete all vertex groups at the start or transferred weights incorrectly and they are conflicting with transferred groups from eFootball model)

Here is a playlist showing how to do all these steps as well as adding new players to your game and giving them minifaces.

Conversions steps in text format

Convert texture files, create trm from base, delete alpha channel, high pass filter = 3, level adjustment, middle input level 0.3
Create empty folder and add "ID" from UQIYA conversion tools, put converted textures into #windx11 folder, and rename ID to number of player
Open neck.blend
Import psk
Delete fmdl/skeleton lines
Line up face with (gz/gy) with neck, hide neck
Shade smooth
Rename psk mesh to id of face
Delete vertex groups
Rename maps
Remove vertex paint with shift K
In edit mode, deselect everything, assign eye model, select eye model, delete faces
Select oral and mouth, seperate by selection
Object mode, Mesh transfer, active UV, sample mouth for oral mesh, sample default face for head mesh
Check weight of meshes
Edit mode, partially select neck with c, esc, ctrl to select face/neck
Seperate by selection
Mesh transfer local from neck mesh to hair mesh
Rejoin meshes
Weight paint > smooth > All groups > bottom field 0.001
Weight paint > normalize all > all groups > lock active unticked
Seperate by material in edit mode
Join hair + hair transfer mesh if hair transfer mesh is present, lock sk_head vertex, delete unlocked groups, unlock head, assign weight 1 to sk_head vertex in edit mode
Join meshes
Delete everything but model
Copy to new blender file with fpk dummy
Delete fpk without deleting meshes, paste original psk over empty meshes
Seperate in edit mode by material
Join oral meshes
Rename meshes
Delete default textures and add PES 2021 textures
Rejoin meshes
Add fmdl material "face" to everything but hair meshes
Reset default enum on hair transfer (you can do this after reimporting fpk on next step if it doesn't let you do it here)
Export face, hair, and fpk
Reload fpk, mesh > smooth edges, fix eye position, delete unecessary UV Maps/Vertex Colours, for head remove all but UVMap, for headshell remove normal_map, for oral leave UVmap, for eye_lash and eye_occ leave UVMap, for eye_line remove vertex colours, for hair remove normal, for hair_transfer leave everything.
On the Anim vertex colour, vertex paint black for headshell and hair/hair transfer. Make sure Edit vertex colours are set to white. (fixes bouncy hair/face bug too)
Relink ID in addon and tick "convert dds to ftex"
Export fpk
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  1. alors ça c'est top ! pouvoir disposer des visages qualité efootball2024 ! et, est-il possible de mettre des visages pes 2021 dans efootball 2024 ? la base de donnée est faible en visages modélisés!


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