PES 2021 Copa do Brasil Prime Video 2023 Scoreboard

PES 2021 Copa do Brasil Prime Video 2023 Scoreboard

Free Download PES 2021 Scoreboard - Copa do Brasil Prime Video 2023 Scoreboard made for eFootball PES 2021 by Seven7

If you enjoy playing eFootball PES 2021 and are a fan of Copa do Brasil, you're in for a treat. Seven7, the talented editor, has created a fantastic Prime Video 2023 Scoreboard that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level!

Now, if you're wondering what this Prime Video 2023 Scoreboard is all about, let me break it down for you. It's a cool add-on for eFootball PES 2021 that displays all the Copa do Brasil action in a sleek and realistic way, just like watching the real deal on Prime Video.

How to Install the PES 2021 Copa do Brasil Prime Video 2023 Scoreboard:

To set up your scoreboards in the scoreboard server place the "CdB Prime" folder in the scoreboard-server folder and add the following line in your map_competitions.txt file located in the scoreboard server folder:

# Copa do Brasil

31, CdB Prime code-box

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Scoreboard made by Seven7
G. Leroy ( / blog writer

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