PES 2021 UEFA Europa Conference League Scoreboard

PES 2021 UEFA Europa Conference League Scoreboard

PES 2021 UEFA Europa Conference League Scoreboard

Hey there, gaming enthusiasts! Today, I'm thrilled to share some exciting news for all the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 fans out there. Brace yourselves because Papijonnnn has just released a fantastic scoreboard for the UEFA Europa Conference League!

If you're an avid PES 2021 player like me, you know how important it is to have an immersive gaming experience. Well, this scoreboard definitely takes things up a notch. Papijonnnn has put in some serious effort to bring us not just one, but two versions of the scoreboard. How cool is that?

The first version features the scoreboard without a TV logo, which gives you a clean and minimalist look. But if you're someone who loves the TV broadcast vibes while playing, Papijonnnn has got you covered! The second version comes with the CBS Sports logo, so you can feel like you're watching the game on television.

Features include:​

  1. Moved Added Time texture to the correct position​
  2. Improved textures and new textures​
  3. Added Team logo for Goal Scorer, Yellow Card plates, etc.​
  4. Updated Stat card position just like real life. etc​
  5. Updated time position and font​
  6. Actual Conference League logo on the main scoreboard (previous version had UEL logo instead of UECL logo)​

And here's the best part: Papijonnnn has hinted that there might be more TV logos coming in future updates! So, if CBS Sports isn't your cup of tea or if you're hoping to see your favorite TV channel's logo in the game, keep an eye out for those updates. It's always awesome to have options that suit your personal style.

NOTES: Papijonnnn highly recommends you download the updated UEL/UECL Font below as he has made it perfect to match the new scoreboard!

How to Install the Font:

Extract and copy the "papijon_fonts" folder to ...Sider 7/livecpk folder
Then open sider.ini with any text editor and add the following line:
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\papijon_fonts" code-box

How to Install The Scoreboard:

To set up your scoreboards in the scoreboard server place the "UEFA Europa Conference League" folder in the scoreboard-server folder and add the following line in your map_competitions.txt file located in the scoreboard server folder:
# Exhibition
65335, UEFA Europa Conference League\World Feed (No TV Logo)
65335, UEFA Europa Conference League\CBS Sports code-box

To assign this scoreboard to a league, add the following lines to your map_competitions.txt (REPLACE ADD ID WITH THE ID OF YOUR LEAGUE)
# UEFA Europa Conference League
ADD ID, UEFA Europa Conference League\World Feed (No TV Logo)
ADD ID, UEFA Europa Conference League\CBS Sports code-box

Download "Conference League Scoreboard"
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Trevor Sports / Scoreboard Maker
Olafmatusch / replay wipe
G. Leroy ( / blog writer 

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