PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2023 (2022-23 Season) - Version 3.0 update - Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A & more

PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2023 (2022-23 Season) - Version 3.0 update - Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A & more
Hey there, gamers and football fanatics! If you're a fan of eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 and want to take your gaming experience to the next level, we've got some exciting news for you. Adrian2780 has just released an EvoWeb Patch update, bringing you a whole bunch of awesome new features, including the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A and much more!


- Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A: updated squads, contract dates & market values.
- Campeonato Brasileiro Serie B: updated some squads.
- Updated MLS players (only contact dates & market values).
- Campeonato Brasileiro Serie B, Other Latins/Asia, and Thai player´s contracts are set at 30/06/2024 or 31/12/2024 to prevent ML issues if you are using Starting Year Changer tool.
- Updated market values for most renowned free agent players.

The Database of this Patch was built with bin files. Don't mix the files with another mod that contains Database files.


- You will find two versions: one based on EvoWebPatch 3.0 and another one compatible with ML Manager mod from SoulBallZ for those who have installed it.
- With this update, all players assigned to a team have contract dates & market values.
- If you are already playing Master League then you will need to start a new one to see changes.

How to install it?

1. First make sure that you already have it installed the PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2023 Version 3.0
2. Copy livecpk folder to your Sider folder. Replace the files when asked (backup first).
3. Delete previous EDIT00000000 from \Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\your ID\save before launch Sider.

Download "EvoWeb Patch Update"
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Patch update made by Adrian2780
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  1. Hello. I'm having a serious problem in EFL Cup, 2nd round! After the match is over; game hangs and you have to exit and also results are not saved....

    1. If you use a pirated version of the game, you have nothing to do.

    2. There can be several reasons, but the most common are these:
      1. Can be related to other mods you have added in Sider (other add-ons that are conflicting with the patch files.)
      2. If You have installed totally as per instructions on a clean STEAM game

  2. is there any EDIT00000000 update for summer 2023-2024?

    1. I'm still looking too, so far I haven't found anything


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