PES 2021 EPP Patch 2023 Version 3 AIO

PES 2021 EPP Patch 2023 Version 3 AIO

HollywoodKills present to you the first test version of the EPP Patch big 3.0 update. There is a lot of news here, and HollywoodKills try to write them down briefly.


The EPP Patch team has completely rebuilt the database using Efootball 2023 as a base. That means all players from efootbal23 are included in EPP23 and have the original Konami ID and the original Konami Miniface. This was a huge work by Ben23384


Currently, 4.000 players have converted stats from FIFA 23 (update from 06. April) so they are up to date, the rest of the players have original Konami stats from the eFootball database.
HollywoodKills have revised the form so that there are no exceptionally high stats unless they are justified.
In former versions, many forwards had too high finishing values, and defenders had too high defense values, this is fixed now.
These are the best stats I have ever made, have fun with them.


EPP Patch team has of course still the two first and second Bundesliga with it
In addition, all teams were inserted which are also available in the eFootball database


The EPP Patch team has tested the Master League and BAL with different teams for several seasons each and found NO CRASHES. original Steam version, no guarantee for the CPY version

Here's a breakdown of the Sider module and content included in the EPP 23 Version 3:

  • Badge-Server
  • Ballboys-Server
  • Ball-Server
  • BibServer
  • CornerFlags
  • Entrances
  • FanServer
  • GamePlayloader (you will need to activate it yourself in the sider.ini)
  • Goalsong-Server
  • IntroServer
  • KitServer
  • Menu-Server
  • MLMyTeam
  • Referee-KitServer
  • ScoreBoardServer
  • Weather Conditions
  • Trophy-Server

What is currently missing:

  • Some teams have currently no emblem or jersey pack, but only the smaller leagues
  • In the future, more leagues will be fully augestettat with FIFA Stats

Can you play a master league with this version?

  • If you want to play in the big leagues, definitely. Missing kits and emblems will be added in future updates.
  • Please consider it as a test version and give feedback as well as you can.
NOTES: If you already have previous versions, it recommends deleting them all and even do a clean installation of PES 2021.

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Extra Features:
Stadium server Maps - download
PLAYER IDs - download

Credits: HollywoodKills, Special thanks go to Ben23384, DerRobin1, heywips, Mohammad, and KKSlider. Modules and content include work by: Hawke , predator002 , spursfan18 and shentati
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  1. is there a team id list for this patch? i want to install some stadiums... thanks in advance PS: you have made a class a patch guys thumbs up!

    1. Download the stadium server maps from the link below the download button

  2. oh diddnt see it there thank you :D

  3. Hello, how do I install this patch? I have sider 7.1.1 but I'm a noob to sider use. Thanks

  4. les fichiers ne doivents pas extrait avec winrar , est ce qu'il y a une errrur

  5. 80 et j'arrive pas a extrait les fichier


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