PES 2021 Turf Loader - NEW Update V2

PES 2021 Turf Loader V1.0

Turf Loader by Mohamed2746
Current version: 2.0

Injecting automatically a random turf mod per match
Injecting automatically a turf mod that has been assigned to a team id
Manually selecting a turf mod
Saving favorite turf mod
Adding unlimited turf mods is possible
Overriding both cpk and stadium-server turfs

NEW Features In V2:
The ability to select different light and turf mods at once
Random Light mod
Replace Leena with Ultimate ATM v1.06

What's Next (v2.1):
Fix Bugs (If found)
Adapt changes for team-turf-mods (only turfs are assigned to teams, lights aren't so far)

How to Install:
1. Install sider
2. Copy folders "content" and "modules" to the directory where sider.exe is located. No files of sider will be overwritten.
3. Add the following line to your sider.ini ABOVE the stadium-server:
lua.module = "TurfLoader.lua" code-box

How do I add a new turf mod?
Download the desired turf mod. Use the stadium-server add-on if available.
If the turf mod is packed as.CPK files you'll have to extract them using e.g. CRI Packed File Maker.
Locate the following directories:

Copy those folders to content/turf-loader within your sider directory, and rename the folder starting with "st" to "st000"
Example: If you have a turf mod called "vanilla", then the folder should be placed content/turf-loader/vanilla
Add your turf mod in turf-mods.csv. One turf mod name per line!

Download "Turf Loader V2"
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If the download didn't start automatically, click here

P.S: Don't forget to change any "st###" (ex. st009) to "st000" while adding a mod, it's mandatory.

Mohamed2746 for Turf Loader V1.0
Baris for his gameplay-loader. 
endo for his Real Turf V5 
PES TPL Editor for Leena Pitch. 
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