eFootball 2023 FPS Limit Patcher - UPDATE Version 1.11

eFootball FPS Limit Patcher Version 1.10

eFootball 2023 FPS Limit Patcher made by Cadi Lillian


Change the FPS Limit of eFootball to your desired limit. Support for all eFootball Versions 1.0.0+ for Steam and MS Store.

Offline and Online optimization will be provided for future eFootball Updates. (see FAQ for more information)

New Update Version 1.11 is available now!

Update Information:
  • Added Offline Optimization for Steam eFootball Version 2.5.1
  • Fixed an incorrect databank entry that caused longer patching times for Steam eFootball version 2.5.0 in Patcher version 1.10 exclusively.

Update Information:

Added Offline Optimization for Steam eFootball Version 2.5.0

The patching algorithm for future non-optimized eFootball updates has been completely rewritten to significantly improve patching speed and performance.

The idea:

Being able to easily change the FPS Limit of eFootball to the desired limit in a portable, easy-to-use, fast, and low-resource application while being user-friendly thanks to a modern, simple designed GUI.


Simply copy/move the Patcher in the directory of your eFootball Executable and run it.


Windows 10
An Active Internet Connection is recommended but not required.

Credits: FPS Limit Patcher made by Cadi Lillian

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Q: Does this Patcher work with future versions of eFootball?
A: Yes! As long as KONAMI doesn’t change the way the FPS Limit is being handled in Unreal Engine, it will work with all future eFootball versions.

Q: Why does this Patcher use an Internet connection if one is available?
A: To check if a new version of the patcher is available and for optimization of the patching process for future versions of eFootball (the checking process only happens once on every startup of the Patcher).

Q: What is optimization in this context?
A: The total time it takes to patch and start the Patcher is being reduced massively. Depending on multiple factors e.g. the PC’s Hardware Specs -> Performance, the time being saved is ca. 50x up to 10000x times faster.

Q: What is the difference between Offline and Online optimization in this context?
A: The purpose is the same, the only difference is the way the patcher obtains the information required for the optimization of the patching process of the specific eFootball version.

Offline optimization will always be provided with future Updates of this patcher.
Online optimization requires an Internet connection but not the latest version of the patcher. (Regardless, it is recommended to always use the latest version of the patcher.)

Q: I started the Patcher in the directory of my eFootball MS Store executable, why does the Patcher not work?
A: This patcher supports both PC Versions, the Steam, and MS Store Version. However, most MS Store/Xbox Apps and Games have restricted file/folder access (encrypted file system protection). 

In 2021 Microsoft introduced the option to enable mods, unfortunately, KONAMI has not adopted this for eFootball.

You have to dump the game first to be able to gain file/folder access! I won't provide any assistance to dump the game. Please take a look at the UWPDumper's GitHub Page. If you have any issues, see if your or a similar problem is listed in the UWPDumper's Issues Page, if not, create a new "Issue" there.

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  1. It is not working. Set FPS to 30. After click on patch nothing happens. IF click on efootball.exe it says another program is using the file.


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