AwayGoals Rule Changer for PES 2021

AwayGoals Rule Changer for PES 2021

PES 2021 AwayGoals by Juce

Lua module for Sider - to turn the "away goals" rule on/off.
Tested with PES 2021 only.

Installation is the usual routine:

1. copy awaygoals.lua to your sider's "modules" folder
2. enable the module in your sider.ini by adding this line:
lua.module = "awaygoals.lua"code-box

By default, the away goals rule is turned OFF if this module successfully initializes. However, if you want, you can toggle it ON/OFF in the sider overlay.

Known issues:

1. When extra time ends, right before penalties (if the score is still tied), one of the teams may celebrate prematurely as if they had won :). But they haven't yet. The commentators should correctly talk about the game going into the penalty shoot-out. It's only a cut-scene before PKs that is wrong, so not a huge deal, but I hope to fix it later.

2. For simulated CPU vs CPU matches - the "AG" may still show up in the results table. Something to fix too in the next version.

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