PES 2021 Classic Patch: The 1996/1997 Season Patch | V1

PES 2021 Retro Edition 1996/1997 Season Patch V1

PES 2021 Retro Edition 1996/1997 Season Patch V1 by Vintage PES

If you're a football enthusiast searching for a new gaming experience, you'll be pleased to know that a group of Spanish editors has created a free patch for PES 2021 that brings you to the 1996/1997 season. The editors involved put in a lot of effort and devotion to develop this entire patch.

To make sure that players get the most realistic experience possible, they have gathered all of their work on the Spanish First and Second tiers, as well as contributions from other editors, which already includes the Premier, Division One, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Argentine First Division.

If you enjoyed the 1996/1997 football season and want to relive it in a new way, then PES 2021 Retro Edition 1996/1997 Season Free Patch is a must-have. The amount of effort and passion put into it by the editors demonstrates their love of the game, and it will undoubtedly create a unique and interesting experience for players.

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This is a patch for PES 2021 PC. Only PC
Patches only work on the original version of the game
The patch currently has eight playable leagues

96/97 Kits (kitserver)
La Liga 1&2 - 1996/1997 season
Premier League & EFL Championship - 1996/1997 season
Serie A & B - 1996/1997 season
League 1 - 1996/1997 season
Bundesliga - 1996/1997 season
Argentine Primera División - 1996/1997 season (beta version)

AIO - download
FACES - download

How to Install:
Download the SIDER file first. The Stadium server will go inside the Content folder and the faces inside the livecpk folder. El EXE will go in the root folder of the game, while the EDIT will go inside Documents/Konami/efootball.../number/save

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