PES 2021 San Marino National Team Facepack – The most accurate and realistic San Marino faces for PES 2021!

PES 2021 San Marino National Team Facepack

Update eFootball PES 2021 San Marino national team Facepack - Release by Kruptsev

I would like to introduce you to San Marino national team's face pack which was designed by Kruptsev. The pack includes 8 players with ratings ranging from 60-65 (74 avg) and all of them are eligible for international competitions such as World Cup 2022.

The San Marino national team has a new facepack for pes 2021. This facepack contains many of the latest players from this small country and it is one of the few that has not been updated in recent years. Fabio Vitaioli, Filippo Berardi, and Alex Gasperoni are just some of these players who have yet to be released into any other facepack until now. 

Facepack Players List: 
Elia Benedetti, Fabio Vitaioli, Filippo Berardi, Davide Simoncini, and Alex Gasperoni

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Article written by, San Marino National Team Facepack made by Kruptsev

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