How To Add Players to PES 2021 From Official eFootball 2022/2023 Database

PES 2021 Database Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial created by tradtrad100 for anyone interested in learning how to add players to PES 2021 from the eFootball 2023 database.

Converting the database takes a little longer. Tradtrad100 does not intend to make a video on this, which is why he offered his conversion of the official eFootball 2023 database (as of 19/1/2023), but he is willing to answer certain questions.

Converting the player stats is also a bit of an art but the rule of thumb is to add +3/+5 on all stats. This works for all positions apart from goalkeepers who need +10/12.

There are slightly more accurate methods that Tradtrad100 does from memory but it is +5 on all stats and then +7 for offensive stats + physicals for ST or +5 for all stats and then +7 for defensive stats (including heading)+ physicals for CBs.

You can use this method to:
Add players with official ID
Give previous fake ID players a real ID
Import players from Konami's official database
Find IDs of players for mini faces
Fix corrupted EDIT files that won't load (depending on the source of corruption).

How To Add Players to PES 2021 From Official eFootball 2022/2023 Database Video Tutorial:
In addition to adding mini faces to players, this video demonstrates how to add players from the eFootball 2022/2023 database to PES 2021.

Here is the excel file of the player appearance database extracted from eFootball 2023 used in the video - download

PES 2021 Tutorial made by tradtrad100

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