PES 2018 FIFA World Cup 2022 Scoreboard

PES 2018 FIFA World Cup 2022 Scoreboard

Update PES 2018 PC Scoreboard FIFA World Cup 2022 V2 (Sider & CPK) made by OOP-04.

How to Install CPK Files
Extract SB-FWC22-V2 (CPK)
Copy SB-FWC22-V2.cpk to folder download in installation PES 2018
Add with dpList Generator

How to Install Sider Version
Extract SB-FWC22-V2 (Sider).zip
Copy Folder Fifa World Cup to folder Scoreboard in Sider
(delete folder old Fifa world cup and then paste it)

Add the following lines to your map_competitions (if not already done)
# FIFA World Cup 2022
34, Fifa World Cup
1058, Fifa World Cup
2082, Fifa World Cup
3106, Fifa World Cup
4130, Fifa World Cup
5154, Fifa World Cup
6178, Fifa World Cup
7202, Fifa World Cup
8226, Fifa World Cup
35, Fifa World Cup code-box

NOTES: If the scoreboard flag is large, it's because OOP-04 hasn't edited it yet. He only edited the 32 flags in the FIFA World Cup

Txak, Sonofsam69, OOP-04, Yamany Pes, Criss

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