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PES 2021 EPP Patch Version 2.0 AIO - FIFA 23 UPDATE

PES 2021 EPP Patch Version 2.0 - FIFA 23 UPDATE

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 new season 2022/23 Patch EPP (eFIFA PES Project) Version 2.0 FIFA 23 UPDATE

Integrated FIFA 23 DATABASE:
- Updates player values, age, height weight (12.000 players)
- Aktualsiisetre, market values for over 9.000 players
- Updated player contracts (over 6.500 players)

- over 1,000 new player faces since AIO
- many new Bundesliga and 2 Liga faces from ben
- all other faces by creators from the evo-web, see credits for more

KIT-SERVER: - exported all kits from the database to a new kit-server
- customized kit configs
- updated radar colors

- many new managers to choose from
- MlMyTeam integrated but deactivated (in sider.ini, if you want to use it please edit)

OTHER: - many new shoes and balls
- BibServer by Hawke

How to Install:
EPP is not compatible with SMOKE, EvoWeb, or VRED Patch, it's a standalone DB
delete your old livecpk, modules, and content folder if you want to install EPP AIO
also, delete your EDIT00000000 in the Documents folder
(keep the VRED stadium-server if you want to use it)
Download all parts of the All-In-One Package (I know. it's a lot)
Extract them to your "efootball PES 2021" folder
right click part 1 and extract. don't try to open the archives.
you should have these folders: livecpk, content
copy everything from the sider folder to your main PES 2021 folder
this is the standard folder structure:
\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021\
and other random stuff
start your game with sider.exe in admin mode

[OCT 03 2022]LIVECPK:

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