eFootball 2023 Epic Graphic Patch v4 (File Loader Version)

eFootball 2023 Epic Graphic Patch v4 (File Loader Version)

eFootball 23 Epic Graphic Patch v4 (File Loader Version) by endo

Fully compatible with the latest eFootball 2.1.0 update.
Deeper shadows and shade.
Basic postprocessing has been redesigned, tonemapper, depth of field, bloom, etc.
Removed pseudo-HDR blurring.

How to use:
First, you need to download and install File Loader.
Download Epic Graphic Patch v4.
Then unrar and copy with replacing to the game folder.
Set in-game graphic settings to High.

Recommend running the game in DX12 mode for better performance.
Open your Steam library> Right-click on the game and select “Properties”>On the “General” tab look at “Launch Options”
Into the input field copy -dx12 or -d3d12 close Properties.
Not compatible with other graphic's mods, (for example Bogo's exe mods, High/Ultra graphic Addon)
Powerful hardware is required.

eFootball 2023 Epic Graphic Patch by endo
juce and nesa24 for eFootball modding support and for File Loader!

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