Human Gameplay for eFootball PES 2023 | The Most Realistic and Balanced Gameplay

Human Gameplay for eFootball PES 2023 | The Most Realistic and Balanced Gameplay

eFootball 2023 BROMI Human Gameplay V9bNS (07.09.2022) The Most Realistic and Balanced Gameplay


Changelog V9bNS:
1. restored normal shot speed and power (I have a personal one with more control over shooting if someone wants to try it)
2. passing speed reduced but smoother; as a result, you will get:
- slower pace
- more midfield build-up
- CPU will now commit more mistakes when passing, and will not retain ball tiki-taka like in their own defensive zone
- easier to intercept CPU passing; pressing is now effective even at the superstar level
- more control over passing
3. changed players' balance, as a result, you will have:
- more control over the ball when dribbling
- better shielding
- agile, small sized skilled players will be slightly more resistant to contact
- more fouls
4. reduced CPU crazy pressing
- the game will feel smoother, more realistic, and less pumped up
- less CPU cheating
- you can think!
- Skilled players can now turn, build up, retain possession and move the ball without 3/4 crazy robots running against you (it's soccer not American football)
- You have time to shoot from center zones! Now you can build up in the middle too, no need for always using the sidelines

How to install:

1. Go to ...Steam/steamapps/common/eFootball/cpk and make a backup of your "dt270_console_all.cpk" file

2. Extract and copy the "dt270_console_all.cpk" file to ...Steam/steamapps/common/eFootball/cpk

password: bromiv9bNS

Credits: gameplay made by BROMI, in-game screenshot by AnthoPag

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