[PC] eFootball 2022 Patch v0.6 Latest Live Update Incorporated

[PC] eFootball 2022 Patch v0.6 Latest Live Update Incorporated

[PC] eFootball 2022 Patch v0.6 Incorporated Latest Live Update. 0.6 update The most recent live update has been incorporated, along with a few team names and short name corrections.

- All Teams with correct names (and short names)
- All Competitions with correct names
-Promoted/Relegated teams from England, France, Spain, and Italy leagues for season 2022/2023
- Major transfers are done (for European teams)
-Database from August 18th live update

How to Install:
1. (optional) To unlock teams use Bogo36 unlocker 1.1.4  (you still can see corrected names and updated transfers in training as well as match trial mode with the original 9 teams if you don't use unlocker)
2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData and delete the folder "Konami" (backup first). Do not confuse it with the Konami folder located in My Documents, they are NOT the same
3. Unzip patch rar then copy the contents of cpk folder to your eFootball cpk folder (agree to replace file after you backup the original file)
4. Run game
5. Change game language to English (or else competition names will not show the corrected ones)

Credits: mahanddeem, Bogo36 (the great unlocker and FPS unlock patches), erol.kopuz16 (database decoding), NFS_FM (THE database king), endo (major works to improve the game visuals)

[PC] eFootball 2022 Patch v0.6 - download

 Password: evoweb 

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