eFootball 2022 Patch v0.01

eFootball 2022 Patch v0.01

eFootball 2022 Patch v0.01

The first eFootball 2022 patch that updates the correct names of teams and leagues, but also updates the game database, proudly presented from EvoWeb. Until this moment it is not possible to import graphical contents to the eFootball 2022, so kits and emblems are out of the question.

Credits: eFootball 2022 Patch made by mahanddeem

All Teams with correct names
All Leagues with correct names
Major transfers are done (Mané to Bayern, Lewandowski, and Raphinha to Barcelona, Jesus, and Zinchenko to Arsenal, Sterling to Chelsea, Haaland to Man City, Martinez, Erikson, and Martial to Man united, Richarlison to Tottenham, Dybala to Roma, Pogba to Juventus and some other transfers) with most have correct kit numbers
Database from July 28th live update
Compatible with all eFootball 22 versions

How to Install:
1. To unlock teams use Bogo36 unlocker 1.1.4 (optional)
2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData and delete the folder "Konami"
3. Unzip patch rar then copy the contents of CPK folder to your eFootball CPK folder (agree to replace file)
4. Run game normally

Important note: It's very crucial to run the game offline! there is a major ban risk if you don't

 Password: evoweb 

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