PES 2021 EPP (eFIFA PES Project) 2022/23 PES Patch

PES 2021 EPP (eFIFA PES Project) 2022/23 Patch
PES 2021 New Season 2022-2023 Patch

PES 2021 New Season 2022-2023 Patch

PES 2021 eFIFA PES PROJECT Patch integrates the EA Sports FIFA database into PES2021. This means all players in the FIFA DB are also available in PES and their stats!

What's the point and why?
FIFA publishes every week LIVE UPDATES with current transfers, stats changes, and lineups for many leagues that are not included in PES (for example Bundesliga).

With PES 2021 EPP23 we can integrate an up-to-date database, EVERY WEEK!
To report bugs in the patch faster and easier for me to streamline you can now join the EPP Discord.

NOTES: It is recommended to install the All-in-One package to have the best EPP experience. However, if you want to create your own patch, we provide you with our database. But without kits, faces, and so on. You can expect weekly live updates with updated Transfers, Squads, Formations, and stats.

How to Install:
EPP is not compatible with SMOKE, EvoWeb, or VRED Patch, it's a standalone DB
delete your old livecpk, modules, and content folder if you want to install EPP AIO
also, delete your EDIT00000000 in the Documents folder
(keep VRED stadium-server if you want to use it)
Download all parts of the All-In-One Package (I know. it's a lot)
Extract them to your "eFootball PES 2021" folder
this is the standard folder structure:
\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021\
and other random stuff
start your game with sider.exe in admin mode

[DOWNLAOD ALL IN ONE 46GB DL (99GB unizpped)]

ALL LINKS REMOVED You can find an updated version on their discord click here

If you want to create a Mega Premium account for these downloads please use this link to support EPP:

[LIVE UPDATE & FIX 07/07/2022]
- added NYFC to MLS
- fix the missing Champions League Emblem in ML
- Integrate CutScene Fix (prevent ML crash)
- added Portugal scoreboards
- added Latest Transfers
- integrated formations and real tactics
- removed some wrong transfers (e.g. F. DE JONG)
- Fixed crash in 2nd ML season
- First ML Realism Mod (Team chemistry, team role)

As always, the Live Update has all the changes since AIO in one, so if you've made changes yourself, watch out when overr3ing the files.

To solve the SleeveBadge problem, delete the following folder:

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