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When Will Master League Be Available on eFootball 2022?

When Will Master League Be Available on eFootball 2022?

eFootball's complete edition is now available, but without some important features for the eFootball PES 2022 players. Among the important MODs that are missing from this major update are the famous Master League, Match Lobby, Team Play, and Co-Op, in addition to all this, the Edit Mod is also missing. The most notable absence is the Master League mod; despite being a signature mod in the PES series, Konami appears to be downplaying its importance in eFootball 22 most current edition.

The good news is that Konami said in a tweet that answers the many questions related to 'Master League', 'Edit', 'Team Play', 'Co-op', and 'Match Lobby' that the Master League, which is likely to be the most requested feature, will be included at a later date.

Although Konami does not give a specific date, there are rumors that Master Leaguer may return to eFootball 2022 with the third big update, which is expected closer to the start of the European season, possibly at the end of July or early August.

According to Renan Galvani., the second update for eFootball 2022 is scheduled for May (19-20th), with the Cross-platforming between PC and Consoles, Mobile version update, and much more, the third will be released in late July or early August, and it is probable that the editing mode, as well as the Master League, will be included.

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