No Crowd Mod For eFootball 2022 UPDATE [Game Ver 1.1.2]

No Crowd Mod For eFootball 2022 v1.0.0

eFootball 2022 v1.0.0 No Crowd Mod by Jostike Games

eFootball 2022 No Crow.exe MOD v1.1.0 is a Jostike Games MOD that allows you to remove the crowd from the eFootball (PES) 2022 stadiums. The installation is quick and easy, needing simply a copy-paste operation.

You can boost 4 to 6 fps with eFootball 2022 No Crowd.exe mod v1.1.0 (the crow in eFootball 22 is not something that consumes much but certainly helps for those who stay within the 60fps limit)

Credits: Jostike Games

Remove the crowds from the stadium stand
Added the possibility of increasing the resolution of the scale up to 240%

How to Install:
First, create a backup or copy of the original eFootball.exe file located in ...eFootball\eFootball\Binaries\Win64
Then extract and paste the eFootball.exe file in the ...eFootball\eFootball\Binaries\Win64 directory
Run the game normally.

How to Install No Crowd Mod Video Tutorial:

UPDATE: eFootball No Crowd Mod for eFootball 1.1.2

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