FIFA 22 Next-Gen Net Physics Mod for PES 2021 (Two Versions)

FIFA 22 Next-Gen Net Physics Mod for PES 2021

PES 2021 - FIFA 22 Next-Gen Net Physics Mod 0.1 by DevPlays

FIFA 22 Next-Gen Net Physics Mod for eFootball PES 2021; The mod was created by DevPlays using Durandil's live nets editor, and some custom values explored by PetiTheOnlyOne. You have the option to choose between two different variants, the v2 has some slight changes and improvements compared to version 1.

FIFA 22 Next-Gen Net Physics Mod 0.1
Mapped the memory address and coded it in the lua by DevPlays (Thanks to Durandil's Tutorial).
Applied custom values experimented by PetiTheOnlyOne using Durandil's Live Nets Editor.
Fully working module like other Durandil67's net modules, like nets_01, nets_02, etc (Standalone LUA file, doesn't need any other net lua).
Compatible with Guorfan's Net Mods (Textures & Sounds)

V 0.1 Preview:

FIFA 22 Next-Gen Net Physics Mod 0.2
Some slight changes from the previous version.
Newer version doesn't mean it's the best version, but it's a variant.

V 0.2 Preview:

How to Install:
Choose one of the above versions (0.1 or 0.2)
Extract the package, simply copy-paste the fifa22_ng_net_physics_vx_x.lua (where x_x is version number, i.e 0_1) into the modules folder. Remove every other net module (important). Add the lua module entry on sider.ini as below:
lua.module = "fifa22_ng_net_physics_v0_1.lua"​ code-box
Don't forget to save the sider.ini.

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