eFootball 2022 Performance Boost Patch v1

eFootball 2022 Performance Boost Patch v1

eFootball 2022 MOD Performance Boost by Endo

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the patch was designed primarily for HIGH in-game visual values, make sure that the in-game graphic's menu settings are set to HIGH.

Credits: Endo

Increased performance up to 6 - 8%.
Added a new algorithm for sharpness.
Default Konami's fidelityFX FSR was changed by tonemapper sharpen.
The general sharpness level has been optimized.
Rebalanced graphic values between Shadows, Effects, and Post Process Quality.
Increased dimensions of the volume textures used for translucency lighting.
Increased anti-aliasing quality.
Сouple of another little trick.

How to use:
Make backup of pc0000_console_win.pak
Unpack and copy with replacement to eFootball\pak folder.
Run the game and set the in-game graphic's menu values to HIGH.
Play game.

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