eFootball 2022 BROMI Gameplay V4F

eFootball 2022 BROMI Gameplay V4F

New eFootball 2022 Gameplay MOD by BROMI 

Easy to install and with many improvements the new gameplay mode made for the eFootball 2022 game, released by BROMI brings many enhancements to many aspects of the game including referee reaction or physical contact between players, improved defending, and many more that you have listed below.

- making CPU less perfect and more human when defending playing at higher levels
- a less frustrating CPU when battling. Now you can win ball 50/50. The referee will still be unfair, but at least will call some fouls to the CPU too (I got 3 penalties), and also we'll let go some of your tackles
- More physicality: now more battle for the ball, more pushes, more falling
- Defending improved: I mean Konami new defending is ok playing vs CPU low levels, because you don't always win the ball, but when playing at top player or superstar is unplayable. Undefendable. So I balanced defense to be halfway between the old and new Konami system
- I tweaked manual passing and through passing
- Shot Gauge slow down because the shooting was not fun and not manageable
- I must have messed up with long free kicks because the gauge is crazy fast. Sorry that is a bug that needs fixing
- Improved aerial battles
- Slightly tweaked crosses
- Harder to trap the ball. Also for CPU

How to install:

1. Go to ...Steam/steamapps/common/eFootball/cpk and make a backup of your "dt270_console_all.cpk" file

2. Extract and copy the "dt270_console_all.cpk" file to ...Steam/steamapps/common/eFootball/cpk

bromiv4f code-box

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