PES 2021 3D Turf Pack by SoulBallZ

PES 2021 3D Turf Pack by SoulBallZ

PES 2021 Realistic 3D Turf Pack by SoulBallZ

Realistic 3D Turfs inspired by eFootball 2022. The length of the grass has been reduced and made thinner with different shapes and forms. 10 different versions to choose from. It's compatible with PES 2021, and will probably work with older versions going back to PES 2018.

How to install:
1) Choose your preferred version (v1-v10).
2) Copy the 3D Turf folder to your livecpk folder.
3) Add the following line to your sider.ini:
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\3D Turf" code-box

Note: If you are already using a turf pack, make sure that the 3D Turf line is above the turf pack line in your sider.ini, or simply copy the Asset folder from the 3D Turf folder and paste it into the turf pack folder.

SoulBallZ - 3D Turfs
Devil Cold52 - PES 2021 Ftex Converter
juce - Sider​

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