eFootball 2022 Graphic Mod v0.1

eFootball 2022 Graphic Mod v0.1

Graphic Mod v0.1 by Endo

Combined graphic mod, contain engine and reshade tweaks.

Improved anisotropic filtering quality from 8 to 16 samples (for high graphic preset)
Disabled dynamic resolution (for all graphic's sets)
Disabled chromatic aberration (for all graphic's set)

SMAA.fx - Improved antialiasing
LUT.fx - Improved saturation, selective color's correction for black and white.

Engine tweaks will be work fine only for high graphic in-game preset.
Please before installing the mod, set your game graphic settings to high.

How to install:
Make a backup pc0000_console_win.pak (eFootball\pak)
Unrar archive to the game folder with file replacement. (Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball)

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