PES 2021 “eHolland 2022” Gameplay (CPK Version)

PES 2021 “eHolland 2022” Gameplay (CPK Version)

New Mod Gameplay is entirely in CPK; no need to replace any files; simply copy three CPK files to the download folder and regenerate with the DpFileList; obviously, both the exe and the original KONAMI dt18 are required.

The features of this gameplay are absolutely sensational, starting with reactivity and fluidity were managed to reach higher levels than Holland's previous GP, but not only... the CPU is much more responsive giving life to ever new dynamics.

The physics of the ball is another aspect that has been significantly improved as well as the foul and penalty situation. It is undoubtedly the best gaming experience I have ever witnessed, but with only pad in hand, you can really appreciate all the hard work that went into making every aspect of a match balanced of football.

Inside the folder, you will also find an original EXE with ONLY the more free Kick EXE for those interested, just replace the KONAMI exe with the one modified by Holland.

Author: Holland

How to Install:
Watch the Tutorial in this video:
A backup of the following files is always recommended for every GP change:
KONAMI folder in Documents


Is it valid for all difficulty levels?

Can I continue the current Master League?

How does it distinguish itself from other GP?
In everything

Just insert the 3 CPK files in the download folder and regenerate?

I am under the impression that he no longer reads the mod to me, how can I be sure?
Do a check of the corrupted files by steam and enter the mod

Why does it crash?
Repeat the operation respecting the order of the files as in the picture
reminding you to delete the DpFileList.bin.Backup

Can I put the mod having the SMOKE or the VIRTUA?
Yes, but absolutely make a backup of the most important files first

Will there be a version for the Sider?

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