eFootball 2022 Window Mode Resolution Changer

eFootball2022 Window Mode Resolution Changer

eFootball 2022 WindowMode ResolutionChanger by digitalfoxx

Simple tool for eFootball 2022, this program is a tool to select unsupported resolutions for windowed mode users. If save other settings in settings.exe, you need to run the tool again, recommended to use the program after saving all settings in setting.exe. Wide resolution available ( 2560x1080 & 3440x1440)

Author: PESWEB (digitalfoxx)

How to Use:
Doble click on "eFootball2022_WR_Changer" to start the program
Select the desired resolution 
Then click Apply

NOTE: The program is packed for code protection, so windows defender may detect the program as a virus but it's safe to use.

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