eFootball 2022 No Crowd Mod

eFootball 2022 No Crow Mod

eFootball 2022 No Crowd Mod by Jostike Games

The first version of exe modified for eFootball 2022 no crowd mod which without a doubt remove the rostrum helps with the drop in fps during the gameplay.

In an effort to improve game performance, Jostike Games discovered a line of code inside the executable that disables the tribune ONLY DURING GAMEPLAY, and he hopes that this will benefit the vast majority of players. Without a doubt, removing the grandstand helps with the fps drops that occur depending on where you are on the court.

How to Install:
Paste the eFootball.exe file in the ...Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball \ eFootball \ Binaries \ Win64 directory, create a backup or copy of the original file before replacing it, run the game normally.

How to Install Video Tutorial:

Author: Jostike Games

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  1. Hey bro do you know how to bypass steam to ply this game?

  2. How can you remove the crowd sound files from the game, where can I find them? I know you can disable it from the menu but it doesn't work for some teams due to bugs I presume. So where could I find those sound files to remove them?


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