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"What was that anyway?" eFootball 2022 Received Only 9% Positive Feedback on Steam

eFootball 2022 Bug

Konami's eFootball 2022 football simulator received a lot of negative feedback from Steam users. The popular PES series was rebooted to "very poor" reviews. Players began rating as soon as the game was released.

eFootball 2022 soccer simulator is causing controversy among Steam users. The PES relaunch has garnered "very unfavorable" feedback. More than 1.6 thousand Valve digital store users have expressed their thoughts on eFootball 2022 at the time of publishing. The game has a 9% rating after 2200 opinions, making it one of the platform's lowest-rated titles.

Endless loading screen, crashes, and disconnections are the most typical technical difficulties. It also criticizes the graphics, which are noticeably old, as well as the limited amount of content that can be unlocked for a fee.

Here's what some of the gamers say in their reviews:

"The response of the game is like ping 800 ...... the game does not see the Original Gamepad. The controls are disgusting. The game lags Radeon RX 590 8gb Rayzen 5. 16 gb RAM = 25 - 30 fps "

" An excellent mobile game! Just what does it do in Steam? 
60 fps lock, crash from the first game for some unknown reason "

" Konami This is the best office in the world !!! You ONLY THINK DUDES 2 years ported the game from mobile phones to PC! "

"Are you serious? Playing in a window max 1600 x 900 what? A game of the level of 2005 if not more! This is the most horror from Konami! Horror! Refund immediately!"

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