PES 2021 "Next-Gen" Reshade

PES 2021 "Next-Gen" Reshade

"Next-Gen" Reshade V.1 for PES 2021 by RockFeller

We present to you this PES 2021 personal "Next-Gen" Reshade made by RockeFeller. His goal was to make the game look more like it's being transmitted on a TV, making the image smoother and with a soft light effect as seen in transmissions.

Colors now have a "bleeding" effect, making it look less solid​
The crowd now can be harder to see in darker areas like the top seats of a stadium, making the pitch and players be the main show​
Skin tones now don't look so pale or washed out, giving it a more vivid look​
Lights now can have an influence on how colors look, bouncing off the player's kits​
Anti Aliasing has been applied to some degree to mask jagged edges in areas like the crowd and players names on their shirts​
Smoother look to the whole game, overriding Konami's default vibrant and sharp style​

Download the latest version of Reshade here or in the attached files below
Open the Reshade installer and select your PES21.exe
Select the option Direct3D 9/10/11
You can uncheck all effects and click next
Close the Reshade installer
Download my Reshade preset here or in the attached files below
Extract and copy all files to your PES 21 root directory
Overwrite if asked

Open the game normally (if you use Sider, open it)
A message should appear in the top left to let you know Reshade is active
Press the HOME key to open the menu
Click "Skip Tutorial"
Click in the drop-down menu just below Home and Setting options
Select the "PES Next-Gen v1.ini" preset and apply
Wait for the effects to load
Select "Performance Mode" in the bottom right of the menu
You can press HOME again to close the menu

PES 2021 "Next-Gen" Reshade


Menu colors
If you find the menus with an odd color you can bind a key to activate/deactivate the Reshade by pressing the HOME key and going into Settings

Reshade not working
If Reshade is not working, make sure all files are in the ROOT folder of PES, the folder reshade-shaders and the preset.ini should be alongside PES21.exe

This preset can be GPU hungry, I've only tested it in an RTX 2060, which have ~60% usage in 1440p without reshade and going up to ~80% usage with the preset, you can toggle and tweak as you like pressing the HOME key

Reshade effects list
Your effects list should look like this after installing it the right way:



RESHADE MAIN INSTALLER (Install first, then use the preset)

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do, I'm open to critics on how the game looks with the reshade You are free to toggle and tweak the effects in the preset to better match your taste, but if want to repost it somewhere, please leave the credits to the original author. - RockFeller


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  1. Replies
    1. Try running the Reshade installer again, selecting uninstall and then installing it again
      Make sure when installing that you select the Direct3D 9/10/11 option

  2. iam not install from steam and i cant use this reshade. .can u try on copy games?

  3. My game does not start after reshade

    1. Either it is due to the performance of your PC or you have not installed it properly, read the instructions above carefully.

  4. Man... I installed and i say, thank you!! Very beautiful, you have the "DOM" hahahahaha thanks and Parabéns!

  5. seems to work - i get error - some effects failed to compile: qUINT_rt.fx

    1. Go to the folder eFootball PES 2021\reshade-shaders\Shaders and delete the file qUINT_rt.fx, the error will disappear


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