PES 2021 J1-J2 League PC Patch V2 - Season 2021

PES 2021 J1-J2 League PC Patch- Season 2021

J1-J2 League PC PES2021 Patch- Season 2021

Presenting to you today the J1 with J2 league for PES 2021 - leagues, teams, coaches, mini faces, faces, formations, tactics, and team data is updated as of 2/25/2021 Live Update (for all J1 and J2 teams, as well as all licensed teams in PES2021)

1. PC version of PES2021 DP4 version 1.04.01
2. Sider 7.0.2
3. Netblock module active in Sider
4. Fresh game plus no other mods

1. All 20 J1-League teams
2. All 22 J2 League teams
3. Updated Rosters to 2/25/2021
4. All players (and teams) have real IDs
5. 100% untouched Konami data for all teams and players (notably for J1 and J2 teams)
6. Updated formations and tactics
7. 90% of J League (1 and 2) players have mini faces
8. About 290 real faces for Japan leagues
9. Correct names, squads, emblems, kits for England, Spain, Italy, Portugal (all D1 and D2)
10. Correct names for all Latino teams
11. Deleted all fake teams from the game (as well as fake leagues)
12. NEW Promotion/Relegation between J1 and J2 Leagues in ML (still an experimental feature). Expect BUGS and/or crashes
13. NEW klashman69 tactics for select teams optional (a separate EDIT00000000). Not for J teams but for tactics made by klashman69 for European and some other teams
14. NEW Predator's chants (with many Japanese team chants, Kashima Antlers, Kawasaki Frontale, Urawa, J├║bilo Iwata, Gamba Osaka, Cerezo Osaka, and more) optional install

How to Install (main patch)
1. Extract the downloaded patch RAR archive
2. Backup you save folder contents
3. Copy the folders from livecpk folder of the patch to your Sider livecpk folder
4. Copy the contents of save folder of the patch to your save folder in documents
5. In Sider.ini put the following line "cpk.root = ".\livecpk\J1-J2 Patch"
6. Launch Sider and the game, be sure to load EDIT and disable liveupdate

Optional install (Predator002 Chants)
1. Download predator002 chant folder extract archive
2. Copy livecpk folder content and paste into your livecpk folder
3. Add this line to your Sider.ini "cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Predator002 Chants"

Optional (klashman69 tactic)
1. Finish installing the main patch (including the save folder portion)
2. Copy EDIT00000000 from the klashman69 downloaded folder and replace the one in your PES2021 save folder
3. Never enable liveupdate

1. Some of the J2 team kits are rather low in quality, which leaves some room for improvement in the future version
2. Blaublits Akita and SC Sagamihara kits are in-game made
3. Some very new players have no mini faces
4. Limited no of real faces for unpopular players

Konami for their game, assets, files, and many others
NFS_FM for his great database and mobile PES updates, as well as his beautiful emblems and flags
Evo-Web Team (Cesc Fabregas Hawke Hoppus117 mota10 Nemanja scottish_carson ziyech.2304) : for their high-quality kits for Premier League, Championship, LaLiga, and Serie A teams as well as their hard work for the whole PES community
ICMP Team: Adrian2780 and his team for the J1 League kits, as well as their quality ICMP patch and contents
Maritimo (some kit textures) Aerial Edson Albiore sando angel Torero eder Mello Carrasco Marcus MDB Dreamer waserin Il Sarto di Pes Gabriel94Kits pasaco2009 4N63L_7 XurgenPES AbRockyFalls_WE rainPO322 J_kit_editor Sebaluzardo geniowe2002 Jp kitmaker PES AF13 SANTIMANYA11 juanclmb wachiwo HUGOCDF1 vinnicisneros GUITA72 EDKITS (EDVANDO)  Rodrigoportell4 marcos marckldu  BrunoKits nimdog10  neoktmaker Ekstraklasa PES kits Rehoo7king ggdaris Comet_POS DynamoForever antog25 andres pescentroamerica and all kit makers to share their work with this community.
Juce & nesa24 (Sider)
Zlac (Kitstudio)
SiuMing (Web Ted Editor)
Maritimo (Some kit textures)
Kits for WEPES (Some kit Textures)
EJOGC327 PES2021 Editor
Smoke patch
makis for some quality faces
PESMaster website

1. Please inform me if I missed crediting anyone (or any entity) else if you think I missed or forgot to credit. I am sorry in advance if that happens!
2. Without crediting this work to the content creators, this website and me it's considered stealing our work
3. I am a one-man team so please forgive any bugs or errors here and there

Link (optional predator002 chants)


Link (klashman69 tactics)

RAR Passward for all downloads code-box


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