PES 2021 myClub Tips and Tricks

PES 2021 myClub Tips and Tricks

PES 2021 myClub Tips and Tricks |  What is it and How To Get the Most Out Of The PES 2021 myClub

Konami has released its new version of PES known as PES 2021. The version was announced on September 15, 2020. If you ever played the PES 2019 and 2020 version, then you'll know that Konami has made many improvements in the 2020 version as compared to the 2019 version. But this year company has launched its PES 2021 which is a 2020 version. All the graphical and gameplay is just same as the last year. There's no change in controls, audio, graphics, etc. However, the background image of the home screen is changed. The company called this update a season update and made changes to their myClub menu. PES 2021 is a high-risk struggle that Konami has launched this year. As the company announced is a season update of last year’s version. The season update boasts the myClub features by adding the new season’s football kit, transfers, and squads.

Besides myClub in the game, everything is identical to the last year's edition except the homepage background image, which is the only visual change on PES 2021. Still, the company should have made some improvements, and the lack of new graphics in the 2021 pack might hurt some players. However, PES and FIFA are the toughest competitors of each other, and they both always give a strong hit to each other. The FIFA 21 luckily adds some new graphics pack and upgraded its gameplay visuals (released on October 09, 2020). On the other side, Konami doesn't make any changes to their gameplay visuals or audio. But hopefully, the company will cover this in the 2022 version. The new myClub content makes the PES 2021 worth to purchase and allow it to compete with other football video games.

What is myClub in PES?

myClub is a general term that refers to the entire gaming experience provided by PES on mobile devices. In myClub, you'll create and customize your very own soccer dream team and use it to compete for glory against other users both locally and online. Appoint a manager who suits your approach to soccer strategy, use Agents and Scouts to sign skilled players, and participate in various events and tournaments to win items that will help you strengthen your squad.

Owner Name: Your Owner Name can be changed later. Names that are personally identifiable or infringe on a third party's rights are not allowed. Keep in mind that your Owner Name is displayed to other users and will therefore be visible in any in-game footage uploaded online.

myClub Coins and GP: There are two types of in-game currency: GP and myClub Coins. You can use these to obtain new players, managers, and more. Both of these currencies can be acquired by playing matches, completing Achievements, and other methods within the game. myClub Coins can also be purchased in the Shop.

Signing Players: Players can be signed through Scouts, Regular Agents, and Special Agents. These can be found in the (Contract] tab. If you own three of the same player, you can trade them for one player of the same rarity.

Player Contracts: Each player in PES is signed to your team under a contract that determines the number of matches he can be used in. Once a player's remaining matches reach zero, you will be unable to use him until you renew his contract using either GP, myClub Coins, or a Contract Ticket.

Signing Managers: You can browse a list of currently available managers from the list of Sign Able Managers, found in (Contract] > [Manager). This list is updated three times per day and is populated at random with managers of various ability levels that can be signed using GP or myClub Coins. His abilities determine the cost of each manager, and multiple variants of the same manager may appear on the list over time. Once you have signed a specific manager, no alternate variants of that manager will appear on the list until you release him. However, even if you release a manager, there is no guarantee he will reappear on the Sign Able Managers list, so think carefully before making a decision.

Manager Contracts: Similar to players, managers are also appointed to your team under a contract that is defined by a specific number of matches. Managers differ slightly, however, in that it is possible to renew their contracts for free by earning the points required for a Contract Extension. Check your manager's info to see how close you are to achieving a free renewal. Even if you don't manage to earn a free renewal, you can still extend an expired manager contract by paying a sum of GP or myClub Coins.

Tips to get the most out of the PES 2021 myClub

myClub in PES 2021 is all about strategy, and if you want to get successful in the club, you need to play a smart game. For that reason, we've mentioned some of the best tips to get the most out of myClub PES 2021. So let's get into it!

Hire a good Manager

You’ll get some coins for myClub by just completing some tasks, and it’s worth investing these coins by hiring a professional and expert manager. A manager is a person who will manage each and everything of your team. A good manager will rank your team, and on the other side, a bad manager will do the opposite. When you gain enough coins to hire a professional manager, visit the manager's menu and find a manager which good ratings and skilled enough to boost your team. The ranking of manager skills will determine how many top players your squad can have. That's why it's important to have a good manager for your time; otherwise, you can't get a high-ranked player in your squad.

Train Your Team Wisely

It’s important to train your time in an effective because without training you can't get the best output from your players. You should hire a good trainer from your myClub coins, or you convert the other unwanted player of your team into trainers. Instead of kicking out your old player, make them a trainer, so that you'll get a better result from your team. Train your team regularly; it will increase the stamina and skills of your team. But remember that to get the most out of the training, try to match the trainer’s characteristics with your team members.

Increase your Team’s Spirit

Team spirit is a term that refers to how good your team is with the manager. The higher is your team spirit the better output you’ll see from your team and manager. Team spirit is important because No matter how good and capable your manager is, if the team spirit is low, you can't get the expected output from your team. Team spirit is produced by practicing with the same lineup or introducing elements such as strategic practice and bonding to both your team and the manager. The managers are represented by the “Managements Skills” level and players are represented by “Cost”.

Earn GP’s from Matchday Mode

Matchday mode is the best way to earn a lot of GP's. You can convert your opinion and tactics into myClub coins. Matchday mode is an event in which two teams play against each other. You just have to support them and making a guess which team will open. Watch their game until the match ends. In the end, if your team wins, you'll get some myClub coins as a victory prize, even if your team loses, you will still get coins but less than the winning team. The event usually appears every 24 hours for a short time. All you have to do is sit online when the event starts, and you watch the event till the end. That's the easiest and fastest way to earn myClub coins.

Reduce the Contracts with Expensive Players

That expensive deals on the use of quality players in myClub are the worst thing that most of the people hate. Users would have to spend a large amount of GP to keep them playing, and while large contracts can minimize downtime, they never support the entire team. Their contracts and prices can empty your wallets. In this way, try not to use the best players for simple regional matches and less important games. If required, you also can invest some coins on the manager or trainer to save you.


PES 2021 by Konami is one of the most popular football simulation video game. It is the successor to the old version which was PES 2020. However, some users might feel disappointed with the 2021 version because the company has not launched any single graphic change. Because this update is just a season update so you can't expect any graphical change. There are some entirely new changes in the myClub menu. You'll get some new players, new licensing, new features, and everything like that. If you're new to PES 2021, we've written this guide which will help you to get the most out of the PES 2021 myClub.

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