PES 2020/2021 English Premier League 2020/2021 Full Kits Pack

PES 2020/2021 English Premier League 2020/2021 Full Kits Pack

English Premier League 2020/2021 Full Kits Pack by Dark Nero


Full kits for 20 teams of English Premier League 2020-21, all made and sorted into folders by me: D
Each team has Home, Away, Third player kits, and at least 2-3 Goalkeeper kits. (Most teams will have at least 3 goalkeeper kits). 
UEFA Champions League kits for Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool 
UEFA Europa League kits for Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Leicester City

STEP 1: Open the map.txt in the kit-server folder of Sider. Add these lines:
101, "Premier League\Arsenal" code-box
107, "Premier League\Aston Villa" code-box
377, "Premier League\Brighton & Hove Albion" code-box
378, "Premier League\Burnley" code-box
102, "Premier League\Chelsea" code-box
382, "Premier League\Crystal Palace"code-box
177, "Premier League\Everton" code-box
204, "Premier League\Leicester City" code-box
103, "Premier League\Liverpool" code-box
173, "Premier League\Manchester City" code-box
100, "Premier League\Manchester United" code-box
106, "Premier League\Newcastle United" code-box
4194, "Premier League\Sheffield United" code-box
207, "Premier League\Southampton" code-box
179, "Premier League\Tottenham Hotspur" code-box
105, "Premier League\West Ham United" code-box
208, "Premier League\Wolverhampton Wanderers" code-box
104, "Premier League\Leeds United" code-box
178, "Premier League\Fulham" code-box
399, "Premier League\West Bromwich Albion" code-box

NOTES: For PES 2020, you can skip this part if you've already got the Evo-web patch and a similar patch installed. Since these teams may have already been added to the map.txt.

STEP 2: Download and extract the pack.

STEP 3: Copy the folder "Premier League" to the kit-server folder. Or individuals teams. 
I recommend a clean install or delete/backup the old kits folder before copying the pack.

STEP 4: Enjoy!


1. Evo-Web Patch for PES 2020:

Extract the file "[PES2020] BadgeDataver2.rar"
STEP 2: Go to Sider folder, and then go to livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Kits\common\character0\model\character\uniform\badge
STEP 3: Make a backup of the BadgeData.bin in this folder (if needed).
STEP 4: Copy the updated BadgeData.bin in this pack and overwrite the BadgeData.bin above.
STEP 5: Go to Sider folder, and then go to livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Kits\Assets\model\character\uniform\badge\#windx11
STEP 6: Make a backup of the badge11.ftex in this folder (if needed).
STEP 7: Copy the updated badge11.ftex in this pack and overwrite the badge11.ftex above.

2. Evo-web Patch Beta for PES 2021:

STEP 1: Extract the file [PES2021] SleevesBadgeUpdated.rar
STEP 2: Go to Sider 7.0 folder, and then livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Kits\Assets\model\character\uniform\badge\#windx11,
STEP 3: Replace/overwrite the badge6.ftex and badge11.ftex with those files in the updated pack.

3. Other patches:

I don't know their structures, so in order to get the Premier League patch correctly, use this pack with an OPTION FILE with Sleeves Badge included. For other patches, follow the tutorial by great Hawke in THIS THREAD.

Credits for Evo-web patch team for those sleeves badges above and Premier League font and numbers. These are great and I just made a little modification.
No FA Cup kits yet, since The FA will re-branded the FA Cup this year, with new sleeves badge and logo, etc. I'll wait until they're all released to update cup kits.

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  1. Only the PL and Championship teams kits and badges wont update. Any reason why?


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