How to Convert TED PES 2020 into PES 2021

How to Convert TED PES 2020 into PES 2021

Tutorial convert TED PES 2020 into PES 2021 by geniowe2002

Open a TED PES 2020 in save as PES 2021 TED
And check all the ID in case they have to change any

For example ID Marco Reus cannot in a DB PES 2021 and need to be changed for work in PES 2021
ID Marco Reus 45944 replace for an ID of Fake Player example 54365

When you convert an ID to hex it stays this way
B378 for Reus D45D for Fake Player

But for Konami to read it correctly you have to write for this way
First the last 2 numbers and last the 2 numbers

Reus example: 78B3 and add 0000

And Fake Player 45D4 and add 0000

Replace with HXD and encrypt with PES2021PS4Tools

Import a TED and ready for play

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