PES 2020 Myclub Visual Update by Spooky1611 (26/06/2020 Update)

PES 2020 Myclub Visual Update by Spooky1611 (26/06/2020 Update)

Myclub Visual Update brings a couple of changes to the look and feel of Myclub cards. The intention is to not completely revamp everything in terms of looks, But to work upon what Konami has created in making it an easier experience. Especially the mini cards in the myclub lineup screen where the sea of pink cards on all different types of featured players make it hard to see and know what kind of card you have unless you go into details.

- Every Special agent has its own MiniCard design
- POTW Redesign. The green large card is turned into black with a gold border and the mini designs are reflecting the same
- Club Selections have their stadium reflected in their mini cards
- Club Selections unlicensed have their stadium added in the background instead of having the constant Konami Stadium picture backgrounds.
- Club and League Fans choice' selections have club/league icons added to them.
- Euro POTW have their EURO colours in their mini cards
- POTS (Brazil only just yet) Have their Large card design in their mini cards
- Fans Choice Selection revamped with the original design in mind, too many league selections gave a very generic vibe, and when packing a lot of those players a lot of clutter.
- Iconic Moments revamp
- Premier League font added made by @SiuMing
- Arjen Robben's Konami face scanned Iconic Moments game face added and linked to the first week packable 35 year old Arjen Robben already in the game.
- Mini faces changed because of low res, unlicensed, badly photoshopped work by Konami or a legend just not worthy of having an ugly ass picture :APPLAUD:
- And more!

(Updated 26/06/2020)
Because of the structure of this game an update is needed every Thursday for the new agents to have the new design. So all you have to do is check back here and download the new package somewhere on Thursday. If not the players that will appear in PES2020 the upcoming weeks will have their normal pink design and large cards.

When not using sider yet - Download the file and extract the MyclubSider folder somewhere you want, Start the game with sider.exe and the changes will appear (Start the game with sider.exe everytime you want to see these changes, You can make an easy shortcut of course)
You can update your Sider folder everytime an update comes out by copying Myclubvisuals in the livecpk folder over your old one if you added more to sider after.

When already using sider and wanting to update - In the folder ''livecpk'' in the rar file. Copy the folder Myclubvisuals to your own sider's livecpk folder everytime there is an update.
First time importing to your sider? Add the line cpk.root = ".\livecpk\MyclubVisual" To your Sider.ini livecpk list.

- While the card designs are designed with the Premier league font in mind some may find it a disturbance. If you want to delete the Premier League font go to the folder MyclubVisual\common and delete the menu folder.

- There is a lot of thought going into the random iconic moments pink. Now there have been many variances and tryouts and it ended up with a full custom one or a special gold styled version. Both are included in the folder and you can change to whatever you like.

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