PES 2020 CG Pes Explorer Version 0.7 by shawminator

PES 2020 CG Pes Explorer Version 0.7 by shawminator

CG Pes Explorer Version 0.7

Release of my explorer for Pro Evolution Soccer eFootball PES 2020.
Compatible with all games and demos back to pes2018​

Change Log for Version 0.7​

1. Added support for new Textures types in ePes20
2.redesigned the sider setting page.
3.Added Sider Server Manager
(Ball Server only ATM, works with pes2019 but waiting to see response before adding other modules)​

Cri Packed FileMaker / CRI Middleware Co.Ltd
Opentk /opentk.dll and opentk.GLcontrol.dll
ICSharpcode / ICShaprCode.ShaprZipLib.dll
BE.Hexeditor /Be.Windows.Forms.HexBox.dll
I would also like to acknowledge Hawke for his testing and input on what would be good to add to the explorer
and for his awesome splash screen.
zlac / decrypter19.exe

Extract and replace existing .exe and .dll
Fixed 1st bug as reported above.
few other issues sorted I found myself, updated ball server manager to remove invalid assignments.

Additional Stuff
Comp ID For use with Sider server modules
Instructions:- Extract and place in the DLC Version/2020 folder.​

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