How to install stadiums in PES 2020

How to install stadiums in PES 2020

In this tutorial you will learn how to add new stadiums in PES 2020 with Sider and Stadium Server. The easiest way to install new stadiums in PES 2020 is to use Sider 6 and Stadium Server. With this method you can add an unlimited number of stadiums in the game and you can also select stadiums for certain competitions and teams. This tutorial was made by Andò12345.

If you have a problem with the installation of stadiums or something is not working as it should be, leave a comment below with the problem you have and we will come back with an answer as soon as possible.

How to install stadiums
1. Download Sider and put it where you want
2. Download Stadium Server and put all the folders in sider directory
3. Add in sider.ini on lua modules lua.module = "StadiumServer.lua"
4. Go to sider directory and open content/stadium-server/map_competitions
5. Configure your map competitions writing for every stadium:
65535, Stadium Id (usually is 009), Stadium Name, Directory where there is the stadium (like Serie A/San Paolo), , , # Team Name
6. Open content/stadium-server/map_teams
7. Configure your map teams: copy the map competitions string and substitute 65535 with the team id

- FAQ -

Where can I find team id?
Search a team on pesmaster and see the link:
In this case the id is 327

Where can I find stadium id?
Go to Asset/model/bg and the id is that written in st folder, for example st009, 009 is the id.

If I still have problems after the tutorials?
Leave a comment below so the people will try to help you, send every time:
- image of stadiums directory
- map_competitions.txt
- map_teams.txt

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